Farm-to-table Delicacies

100% organic and species-appropriate free-range husbandry - directly from the Edible Zoo

Since 2011, the eco restaurant "Öko-Essbar" in the Edible Zoo serves meat and vegetables, directly from out pastures and gardens, and is by now one of the most sustainable restaurants in the country.
Now the delicacies from the Edible Zoo are also available for your home. For all those who don't just want to consume anything, but value organic meat from a species-appropriate husbandry. There's also something for vegetarians, of course!

Created by Josef Zotter, with the significant help of Josef von Auersbach, our exceptional butcher. It was a stroke of luck that we found someone like him, who loves animals and practices his craft with lots of empathy, leisure and creativity. He places importance on organic quality and knows the value of an animal's life, which is why only the very best must be made with it.

With the Edible Zoo, Josef Zotter, who grew up on a farm, has realised one of his childhood dreams. His own farm, which is based solely on organic and ecological principals, where every life has its value, which is extensive and decelerated, and which many people can share in.